Reclaim Your Life


Guidance for Wives at
the Crossroads

Concerned about your marriage? “Reclaim Your Life” extends a warm invitation to craft the life you’ve always yearned for. Drawing from nearly two decades of coaching women, the author seamlessly weaves together invaluable lessons, time-tested marriage success strategies, and a compelling call to action. If you’re ready to shift from complaint to transformation in both your life and marriage, this book is your essential read.

“Reclaim Your Life: Guidance for Wives at the Crossroads” is tailor-made for women committed to authentic relationship transformation using real-life experiences. With vivid illustrations, Aya Fubara Eneli guides you through:

Reclaiming your dreams, whether you choose to remain married or not.

The transformative 30-day challenge that revitalized her own marriage.

Identifying the number one reason marriages are faltering and overcoming it.

A proven roadmap to navigate from frustration to lasting peace.

Reigniting the passion within your marriage.

Thriving in an abundance of purpose, joy, and love.

Uncover the tools to reshape your life and relationships. Aya Fubara Eneli’s insights will empower you to overcome challenges, reignite passion, and thrive in the fulfilling abundance of purpose, joy, and love.



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