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What I do

Aya Fubara Eneli is an attorney, writer, community activist, and healer, Aya Fubara Eneli is the CEO of Aya Eneli International, the premier provider of leadership and success strategies designed to empower and equip women and youth to create and live lives of purpose and fulfillment.

An author, attorney, speaker, and newspaper columnist, she has over 30 years’ experience as a trainer and an inspirational keynote speaker.

My Journey

Born in Columbus, Ohio, and raised in Nigeria, Aya’s journey to becoming a thought leader commenced early. By age four, she graced television screens, and at the tender age of eight, she delivered a keynote speech for the Federal Republic of Nigeria’s national celebration of the International Year of the Child.

Her remarkable tenure at the Ohio State University stands as a testament to her unwavering commitment to excellence, earning her not one, but four degrees in just seven years. These include Bachelor of Arts degrees in Political Science and English, a Master’s degree in Black Studies, and a Juris Doctorate. Her leadership and quest for equity and justice culminated in a feature in An Encyclopedia of Path breaking Women at The Ohio State University.

Who I am

Aya Fubara Eneli, also known as the “Abundant Life Coach,” for over 30 years, she has embodied an unwavering passion for unlocking and preserving human potential and dignity. Her expertise transcends traditional coaching, as she also holds certification as a diversity trainer, trained under a Candomble priestess, a South African sangoma and Indigenous healers in Opobo, Nigeria, and has been a sought-after speaker in a variety of Christian churches. Her accomplishments have earned her a place in the International Who’s Who of Entrepreneurs and recognition as an Honored Member of the International Executive Guild. For years, her wisdom has touched countless lives through a weekly newspaper column, “Live Your Abundant Life,” offering inspiration and guidance to her readers.

Aya has been featured in various media outlets including MSNBC, ABC, PBS, Entrepreneur magazine, Black Enterprise, and the Detroit Free Press, cementing her status as a prominent figure in personal development and empowerment.

She is the visionary behind the Emma Johnson Dirigo Wari, an initiative designed to promote literacy, agriculture, and cultural preservation in Opobo Kingdom, Nigeria, where she established the only functioning public library. Additionally, she is the driving force behind “Intelligent & Talented Girls” (IT Girls), a program committed to empowering and educating girls and young women with leadership and success strategies in the USA and beyond.

My Story

Aya’s distinguished life journey includes navigating the profound challenges of losing four children, making the courageous decision to leave her successful career to care for her kids, and overcoming childhood trauma to build a thriving business. Her resilience and wisdom have touched the lives of thousands across the United States and around the world.

Beyond her advocacy and leadership, Aya is an ardent gardener and fitness enthusiast and has been deeply involved in her community, serving on various board positions and spearheading transformative initiatives.

Aya Fubara Eneli is the author of notable works, including “Live Your Abundant Life,” “Reclaim Your Life: Guidance for Wives at the Crossroads,” and “Live Your Abundant Life Too,” which continue to inspire and guide individuals toward a life brimming with purpose and self-love.

Aya resides in Central Texas with her husband, Dr. Kenechukwu Eneli, and their five children. Her life story and commitment to empowering others shine as a beacon of hope and transformation for women and youth worldwide. “Your Self-Love Revolution” is just the latest chapter in her journey to uplift and inspire, inviting readers to embark on their transformative path toward self-love and fulfillment.

Some More About Aya…


CEO of Aya Eneli International


A premier provider of leadership and success strategies.


20 years’ experience as a trainer and 30 years as an inspirational keynote speaker.


A prolific writer and speaker.


She attended the Ohio State University where she earned four degrees in 7 years – 2 Bachelor of Arts degrees in Political Science and English; a Master’s degree in African and African American Studies; and a Juris Doctorate.


Honored Member of the International Executive Guild and writes a weekly Newspaper column “Live Your Abundant Life.” She has been featured in various media including Entrepreneur magazine, MSNBC, Black Enterprise and the Detroit Free Press.


She lives in Central Texas with her husband of 19 years, Dr. Kenechukwu Eneli, and their five gifted and miraculous children, Madu, Kosi, Ona, Kene and Ikem, two of whom are also authors.


Her passionate and insightful delivery touches the core of her listeners regardless of age, gender, race, socio-economic background, and religion.

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