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Live your Abundant Life

Inspiring Stories Of Overcoming Life Toughest
Challenges To Live a Fulfilling and Bountiful Life

This book provides the encouragement to live the life you’ve always dreamed.
Far too many of us are live in empty and unhappy lives. Caught up in a rat race that was sold to us as a dream life, we find ourselves trapped and unsure of how to escape it all. We long for the desires buried deep within us, but we wonder if it is too late to pursue them. Aya Fubara Eneli contends that as long as we have the will, we have the power to create the lives we desire and deserve. Live Your Abundant Life provides heartwarming, encouragement, solid teaching, and practical strategies for addressing everyday issues and challenges, no matter your circumstances. This book will inspire and motivate you to take control of your life. Find the courage to take charge of your relationship, relationships, your finances, and your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Live Your Abundant Life; it’s yours for the taking!

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Are You Ready for Middle School?

My Education… Future… Life!

Whether you or a young person in your life is gearing up for the challenges of middle school or already navigating its twists and turns, this book is an essential companion, brimming with invaluable tips, ideas, and strategies to propel you toward success. It is an inspirational ally, urging you to embrace every opportunity, dream boldly, work diligently, and cultivate lasting friendships. Today’s choices become the steppingstones to triumph in high school and unlock pathways to coveted college scholarships. Don’t merely navigate these years; strive to become the best version of yourself. Allow this guide to illuminate your path, helping you make the most of your middle school experience and unlocking the door to a future teeming with success and accomplishment. Dream big, work hard, and embrace your extraordinary potential—you’re destined for greatness!

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How to Set and Achieve Goals for Kids

It’s Never too Early to Shine

Unlock the boundless potential within your child with “How to Set and Achieve Goals for Kids: It’s Never Too Early to Shine.” This exceptional guide, crafted by a talented nine-year-old, goes beyond conventional storytelling. It serves as a gateway to a world where young minds discover the art of goal setting and embark on a transformative journey toward success. A vital addition to any young library, this book transcends age boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of parents, educators, and, most importantly, young readers. Join our young author in exploring the realm of possibilities and witness the early sparks of brilliance that pave the way for a future filled with accomplishment and fulfillment.

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Your Self-Love Revolution


“Your Self-Love Revolution Journal,” is a beautifully illustrated and comprehensive tool designed to guide you towards becoming the highest version of yourself. This journal is more than just a collection of pages; it’s your companion for discovering and healing the deepest parts of your subconscious.
This 30-day journal is not just for personal use but also makes an excellent companion for group study. It is a powerful tool for personal transformation, and also an affordable and accessible one, reflecting our belief that everyone should have the opportunity to experience positive change.
The journal features over 100 profound journal prompts covering relationships, wealth, health, abundance, and more, offering you the perfect space to express your thoughts, doodle, or take notes freely.

Carefully curated activities, exercises, and prompts to keep you accountable and consistent on your self-love revolution

Inspiring quotes for each day provide grounding and connect you to your divinity.

Benefits include improved interactions with others, healing generational trauma, setting personal boundaries, growing compassion for yourself and others, overcoming feeling “stuck,” gaining more awareness and clarity of the world around you, and fostering a connection to the divine within.

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