Welcome to Live Your Abundant Life, Aya Eneli’s New Blog

Welcome to my brand new blog, Live Your Abundant Life.

I am so excited at this opportunity to share my life and infuse in all my readers the desire and enthusiasm to live life abundantly.

I began this journey to re-claim my life and to find joy in every moment, no matter how taxing or mundane, 9 years ago. I had just experienced my fourth consecutive miscarriage and was so lost and in such pain that I wasn’t so sure life was worth living anymore. But at my darkest and lowest point, I decided instead to accept an offer to live, but not just exist, but actually to thrive and have a life that was profusely overflowing with all the good things – an abundance of health, peace, joy, contentment (I’m still working on that
one), love, purpose, and fulfillment.

Today, I’m a mother of five healthy, gifted and energetic children. I am also CEO of my own success strategies company, an attorney, speaker, columnist, life coach and author of Live Your Abundant Life: Encouragement and Strategies to Live a Meaningful and Fulfilled Life. Get more information at https://www.ayaeneli.com.

Through this blog I intend to empower and equip others to create and live lives of purpose and fulfillment. No matter what challenges and obstacles we face, we all still have a choice to live with a sense of abundance or one of scarcity. Our choices will ultimately determine the quality and (in some cases) quantity of our lives.

I believe we should strive for abundance in all areas of our lives: not just some. Can you imagine driving a brand new Bentley that had two great tires and two doughnuts? What a bumpy and unrewarding ride that would be. By the same token, we should aim for abundance in all areas of our lives – relationships, spirituality, health, finances, career, etc.

Look out for practical strategies for creating and living your abundant life even as I share hilarious stories of my own life. Trust me; with five children ages 22 months to 12 years, I have much fodder. I invite you to follow me on twitter @AyaEneli.

Till the next time, ponder the words of wisdom from my 4-year-old son who after listening to Beyonce’s latest hit, Run the World (Girls) said, “If girls want to run the world, they better run really fast.”

I would love to hear your feedback.

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  1. Hisickle
    Hisickle says:

    I’m still trying to imagine it… “driving a brand new Bentley that had two great tires and two doughnuts”. That’s an awesome perspective there on the need to engage the fullness of the abundant life offered to us in Christ.

    Thanks Aya, I love this!

    • ayaeneli
      ayaeneli says:

      Thanks for the feedback. I am pretty visual. Hanging out with 5 kids will get you that way. So what kind of care best describes your life at this moment, and what shape are your tires in?

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