3 Keys to Maximizing Your Time with your Child

You are up at the crack of done, rushing to get yourself and your child ready and out the door so you can make It to work on time. There is no time to play around or to appease your still groggy child. You drop off your child with a quick hug your mind already focused on your looming workload.

Your evening schedule isn’t much better. You rush from the office, hoping you get to the daycare before the penalty period bens. You are visualizing your fridge and cupboards trying, hoping you have enough to put together a presentable dinner. You scoop up your child and while they chatter in the backseat you half listen as you contemplate how to get dinner cooked, clean the kitchen and get your child to bed before you tackle the report that’s due in the morning.  You snap out of your reverie realizing that your child has been calling you. You are wracked with guilt. How can you balance it all?

Well, here are three things you can implement immediately to help free up time and be more present for your child.


  • Plan Ahead. Having a plan ahead of time will significantly reduce your stress and allow you more quality time with your child. Consider planning your wardrobe and your child’s wardrobe over the weekend so that things are in order and ready to go in the morning. You can do the same with menus. Create a menu for the week. Shop according to your menu and prep as many meals as you can. You may even try crockpot meals to lessen your stress and free up time in the evening.


  • Involve Your Village. We were never supposed to do life on our own. This whole concept of superwoman or superman is killing us. Get help. If you are married, sit down with your spouse and work out the chores in such a way that you can each have dedicated time with your child. Get other family members involved, if feasible. Hire help or swap services with a friend. When I had my first child, I paid a friend who was also a neighbor to watch my son. There was no additional drive time since she was next door and both my mornings and evenings were less stressful.


  • Get Comfortable Saying No: Every time you say yes, you are automatically saying no to something else. Before you commit to serve on another committee, attend another event, take another call, consider your priorities and make sure your choices align with them.


Consistently incorporate these changes into your life over the next 30 days and see what a difference it makes in your life.

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