Make Room for the Better this New Year

Make Room for the New


Aya Fubara Eneli, M.A., J.D.


Time to Create Your New and Abundant Life

How are you preparing to usher in the new year? Many are going to spend more time planning their New Year’s Eve agenda, than they will invest planning for their
success in 2012.

I spent most of my childhood in Nigeria and in my hometown, Opobo, we had a ritual that I still practice. On the last day of the year, we would thoroughly clean our home and before the clock would strike midnight, we would make sure that all dishes and clothing were clean and the trash was out of the house. Dirt represented the things you no longer wanted
from the year that was ending. The idea was to get rid of anything you didn’t want cluttering up your home as the New Year began, and making room for what you do want.

In recent years, I have expanded the concept for myself.  I not only focus on cleaning out dirt, but I also look at all the different areas of my life to figure out what I want more
of, and what I need to discard or pass on to someone else.

The different areas I examine are: Career/Vocation, Money/Finances, Living
Environment, Personal Growth, Health and Recreation, Community, Family and
God/Spirituality. Like most tasks that pay long-term dividends, this can be a
rather tedious prospect. However, if you focus on what the potential outcome and
payoff will be, then it is easier to overcome the tedium and complete your
reflection and plan with a sense of excitement.

For instance, this time last year, I decided that being a mother of five was no
longer a good enough reason not to get into the best shape of my life. Today,
my body fat percentage is the lowest it has been in my adult life and I am
definitely stronger. Next year, my goal is to improve my fitness level and
endurance and perhaps even compete in a bodybuilding contest.

It is important to take stock of all the various areas of your life, and not just
a select few. A successful life is also a balanced life so don’t just focus on
growth or change in one area and neglect other aspects of your life. For
instance, don’t take on new responsibilities at work to the detriment of your
family. Don’t borrow foolishly for an extravagant remodeling or new home and
create additional financial stress.

Just as you would get rid of dirt in your home, decide to get rid of habits that are
not serving you and make room for the better in your life. One of my clients
who is completing this exercise for herself, has decided to establish a
“Negativity Free” zone around her. She is simply choosing not to speak
negatively about anything or anyone and to demand the same of anyone who wants
to spend time with her. That’s powerful! Just imagine how enriched people
around her will feel, knowing they will never be condemned or judged or
belittled in anyway. Little choices can indeed be life-changing.

Another client, has figured out her strategy of doing things to make her husband
jealous as a means of keeping him interested is foolhardy and has negative
consequences for her marriage and their children. She has decided to re-vamp
her image, getting rid of her “slutty” clothes and cutting ties with other sex

Many who have registered for my Abundant Life Bootcamp beginning on January 3rd, say they realize they need to acquire new skills and strategies for bringing about the success they crave. Some acknowledge they need the structure and accountability. How about you? Who can help you become better in 2012?

What house cleaning makes sense for you as you get ready for 2012? Our lives
are shaped by our decisions. What decisions should you be making now to have
your best 2012? You have the capability to create a life of abundance and
fulfillment; you just have to be willing to do the work. The Bible says, “Be
strong… and work;” this is my prayer for you in 2012. I wish you an abundant
life and a Happy, Prosperous New Year!

Aya Fubara Eneli is a best-selling author, Christian Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and Attorney. Her life’s purpose is to empower and equip people to live up to their highest potential. For more information or to book her for your next event, visit, or e-mail her at