Life Lessons from My Best Day Ever …

Lessons from My Best Day Ever…


Aya Fubara Eneli, M.A., J.D.

Christian Life Coach, Author, Speaker and Attorney


I woke up in the wee hours of the morning energized, revved  up and ready to conquer the day. There was a feeling of expectancy. I had  clarity about my purpose and I was beginning to see some real fruit from my  efforts and obedience to God. So, I boldly declared on Face book, “Today will  be my best day yet.”

As I went through our morning routine with waking up and getting 5 children (ages 12, 8, 6, 4 and 23 months) dressed, fed and ready for school, there was a smile on my face and a song of praise on my lips. “I had a  feeling ….. whooooo hooooo.”

So, I bundled up all the kids in my loaner car (my car had previously been sent in for repairs), turned up the volume on our only Christian station, K-LOVE and we were on our way to the first of three schools.

In this state of bliss, barely a mile from my home, I noticed that a cop car had made a u-turn and was now following me. I was careful to stay within the speed limit. After about 2 miles, his lights came on and I pulled over.

I remember thinking, “Nah, this is not part of the plan. Not today. Today is going to be my best day ever.” I knew I hadn’t broken any laws, and I was certain that since God had guaranteed me my best day ever, I really didn’t think I was going to get a ticket.

Well, what do you know? I did get a ticket. It was issued in the shortest amount of time, barely costing me 5 minutes which meant none of my kids would be tardy getting to school. In shock, I received the ticket from the officer, still expecting it to turn into a lottery ticket or something (that’s about the only way I could win the lottery, since I dream about it, but don’t play it), but it didn’t.  I was really put off by this overzealous officer, and while I maintained civil, I can assure you that my words would not have passed the grace test.

Not to be easily deterred, I looked back at my children and assured them everything would be just fine. I would contest the ticket and win. God just wanted to show off His absolute sovereignty. It was still going to be my best day yet.

As I pulled up to the preschool to drop off my two youngest children and end my mommy morning run, I realized my son had a stinky diaper and it was hardly fair to hand him over to his teacher with that stench. Still singing, I changed his diaper and got him to class.

Now, I was late for my session with my personal trainer; but never mind, I was still going to have my best day yet. As I walked into the gym, I got a phone call from the service department at my local dealership to update me on the diagnosis for my car. The tab to repair my car was in excess of $3,000; a totally unbudgeted expense.

I looked at the clock; it was just a few minutes past 8 a.m. No fear. There was still plenty of time for God to make this my best day ever. Someone was going to outright pay for the repairs or even better, someone was going to give me the keys to a brand new, fully loaded SUV.

As my trainer (fitness coach), guided me through my workout, I provided counsel on an issue that was of concern to her. It was a great workout. I was in my realm and feeling really good all over again. I headed home to begin my work day. There was so much to do and I had less than 5 hours in which to get it done before I began my afternoon mommy runs.

Just as I sat down to begin tackling my to-do-list for the day, my phone rang and I noticed it was a call from my realtor who has listings on two of our commercial buildings located in another state. Giddy, with excitement, I replayed our plans for the profits from the sale of the building as I answered the call. I was all psyched to hear about the offers he had
received on the properties, but alas, he called to tell me about an outstanding
bill for the company that mows the lawn on the properties.  The doubts started to arise, but I held on to faith that I was still going to have my best day ever.

As the day continued, tasks were accomplished, but there were no significant breakthroughs, and then it was time to take my daughter to her first soccer game of the season. She was all pumped up to have a great game, but right before the game started, the referee pulled her aside and then she was out of the game. What in the name of God was going on? A turn out there was a rule that players could not have beads in their hair for safety reasons. Well, no one had communicated that to us or the other little girl with beads. I had just painstakingly put in all those beautiful beads. It was the proverbial final straw for me. My daughter was on the sidelines crying and the poor high school referee was doggedly avoiding looking in my direction.

By half time, my cup runneth over and I “confronted” the poor referee. Of course, she was just enforcing the rules. She hadn’t created them. Right before I was about to really go off, a small voice said, “You are supposed to be having your best day ever.” I backed off from the referee and told her it was upsetting not to have the rule communicated ahead of time. My husband suggested we take out all her beads right there on the field and I reluctantly agreed. My daughter was ecstatic at being able to play, and all was well.

All was indeed well; except within my spirit. I was angry at God. Hadn’t he promised me my best day ever? It felt like anything but a best day. So the small voice spoke up again, “Why didn’t you have your best day ever?” Huh? Do I need to recap?

It was then that it dawned on me, it was totally in my power to have my best day ever; I was just looking at it all wrong.  To begin with, I assumed that having my best day meant that everything would go my way, random strangers would hand me checks and all my problems and challenges would just melt away.  I defined having my best day ever as what I could get versus what I would give.

I love the gentle way God continues to teach me about who He is as He molds me into whom He created me to be.  God speaks to us in a myriad of ways all the time. The question is whether we are listening and heeding his voice or not.

Every supposed negative situation I faced that day was an opportunity to share God’s love and grace with others. It was my opportunity to let my light shine so that my Father in heaven would be glorified. But I wasn’t focused on doing things God’s way and if I am honest, I just wanted what I wanted and glorifying God was a secondary thought.

So, how does this apply to you? Are you going through life looking for all you can get, or are you paying attention to whom you can serve and how you can glorify God? Is your service motivated by your love for God and others, or is it a manipulative means of getting people to give you what you want, including significance? What life lessons is God trying to teach you?

I think I am just about ready to again declare that today will be my best day yet. By God’s grace, this time I will get it right.

Aya Fubara Eneli is an author, attorney, motivational speaker and a Christian Life Coach. Her life’s purpose is to empower and equip people to live up to their highest potential. For more information or to book her for your next event, visit, or e-mail her at