Getting Over Myself

It is said that imitation is the highest form of flattery, so why did I temporarily get all irritated when I noticed that someone in my circle seems to making the exact moves I have made, right after I make them?

Interestingly, it is my life purpose to encourage people to discover their God-given potential and maximize their potential. To accomplish this, I certainly expect that my actions and how I live my life will be a testimony to God and will be worthy of emulation. So, why did I not initially rejoice at what I perceived to be copying me?

I’ll tell you why. Because even though in my heart I want all I do to glorify and point others to God, there is still that human pride that would like to receive some personal acknowledgement. That side of me that would like to be given some credit.

I have to seriously guard against that weakness in me. I have seen and read about far too many people who started off with great intentions to impact people for the better, but after a while, even a little progress/success goes to their head, skewers their vision and the next you know, they’ve morphed into egotistical, manipulative monsters.

I am glad that literally the second it crossed my mind that someone might be attempting to copy my every move, the Holy Spirit immediately cautioned me. He reminded me of a number of points:
1.) Nothing is new under the sun. So everything that I am doing has been thought of and done before (maybe not exactly like I am doing it). but I certainly have not cornered the market on originality;
2) Secondly, he reminded me that my job is to inspire others to greatness, even as others have inspired and continue to inspire me.
3.) Finally, he reminded me that this is not about me. My life, in and of itself, has no value except to the extent that I am submitted to God. EVERYTHING I do should be unto the Lord, therefore it really should always be God people see in me and not me.

I stand chastised. Carry on, brothers and sisters. Go conquer our world. I am rooting for you!

Aya Fubara Eneli is a best-selling author, Christian Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and Attorney. Her life’s purpose is to empower and equip people to live up to their highest potential. She and her husband live in Central Texas with their five miraculous children. For more information, visit, follow her on twitter @ayaeneli or e-mail her at