Wives, Is Your Marriage Frustrating You?
If you're a woman that's frustrated by the current state of your marriage, if you're unhappy or feel unfulfilled in your life, I wrote this book for you!
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In this book you'll learn...
  • The number one reason marriages fail and how to prevent it
  • How to reclaim the dreams for your own life, whether or not you choose to stay in the marriage
  • How to bring out the best parts of yourself
  •  How to reignite passion and fun back to your marriage
  •  How to not only live but thrive in purpose, love and joy 
This book is a no-holds barred invitation to step up in your life to create what you say you desire. This book effortlessly harmonizes lessons Aya has gleaned from coaching women for over a decade, principles of time proven marriage success strategies and a call to personal responsibility and action. 
This book is for you if...
  • You've tried other methods but thinks nothing works for you
  • You think you don't have the time or money for coaching or counseling
  • You feel hopeless or even helpless in your marriage and are ready for a change
  •  You want clarity about your own life purpose so you can live it out
  •  You need a roadmap for your marriage and the next chapter in your life (this is it!)
What People Are Saying...
While some may advocate divorce, or playing the martyr when faced with challenges in a marriage, this book serves as a powerful call to women to go beyond the surface to gain a better understanding of why and how they’ve arrived at this point in their lives, so they can be equipped to create the life they dream of.

It is an undeniable truth that this time next year, your marriage and life will either be better or worse based on the choices you make now. Choosing to read this book and apply the principles it covers is a powerful step to stopping the pain in your marriage so you can live your dreams.

Ronnie and Lamar Tyler
-Founders of Black and Married with Kids
This is a much needed book for women everywhere. Aya has an authentic, relatable writing style which gives one more of an incentive to follow through with her well-researched and self-tested questions and challenges. In fact, this is more of a life-manual than a book. You will get more out of this book if you approach it as you would a manual or a workbook. Follow through with the recommended exercises and challenge yourself to answer the soul-searching questions. You’ll be glad you did. As someone who has seen firsthand the beneficial effects of some of the principles, shared by Aya, I encourage women (whether wives or not) to really go through this material and reclaim your life. You owe it to yourself!

- Sabine Chibueze
Pharmaceutical District Manager
With 25 years of marriage education under my belt, I am confident this book
has the potential to impact America’s sad state of marriage. Reclaim Your Life is a powerful resource for women…but men and sons will indirectly benefit from these direct, authentic, and compassionate words.

-Dr. Byron Weathersbee
President/Co-Founder of Legacy Family Ministries
"Reclaim Your Life "is as intense as it is a masterpiece. A Go-to resource for self-discovery and
restoration within marriage. I could not stop reading till I got to the tenth chapter, very fluid, engaging andbrilliant. I will read it again slowly and get to the action points. I strongly recommend it as a great marriage resource. 5 Stars!!

-Eden Onwuka
Author, The Power of a Single Story
With this book 
you'll get...
  •  A proven roadmap to move you from frustration into peace
  • Access to the 30-Day Challenge that changed my own marriage
  • Real life illustrations to help you identify where you are in your relationship today
  •  Immediate steps to begin reclaiming and transforming your marriage today
I've been at the crossroads in my own marriage and I was able to find a way out. Now I want to show you, step by step, how I did it so you can too.
Holding Hands
Get my new [Paperback] book Reclaim Your Life: Guidance For Wives at the Crossroads on pre-sale for the limited price of $20 & a 52 Day Devotional for Married Couples! 

Don't miss your opportunity to finally live your dreams, not your frustrations!
About Aya Eneli...
Aya Fubara Eneli Esq. – Motivational Speaker & Best Selling Author
Aya Fubara Eneli is the CEO of Aya Eneli International, the premier provider of leadership and success strategies designed to empower and equip individuals to create and live lives of purpose and fulfillment. An author, attorney, speaker, and newspaper columnist, she has over 20 years’ experience as a trainer and 30 years as an inspirational keynote speaker.

She speaks from her experiences across two continents, the trials of losing four children, the challenges and lessons gleaned from giving up a successful career to stay home with her kids, overcoming childhood trauma to building a successful home-based business that impacts thousands across the United States in many other nations in the world. 
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