Aya Fubara Eneli, M.A., J.D.



Creating beauty intentionally.

Watching kids headed for school it was interesting to note that some were walking purposefully, clearly excited about their destination. On the other hand, there were some who were reluctant, even completely opposed to be going to school. As I watched the kids, I wondered to what extent their expectancies would impact the kind of day they would have.

Child ‘X’ determines that he is going to make the most of school. He walks into class with a smile on his face, says hello to everyone and exclaims, “I am going have to a great day!”  Child ‘Y’ is unsure about this whole school deal.  She schleps into class, head hanging down with a scowl across her face. She refuses to respond to her teacher’s greeting and sitting down mutters, “I hate school.” At the end of the day, which child is most likely to have been chosen for every game, to have others clamor to sit by them at lunch, and to head home feeling great about school?

Did you say child ‘X’? The same is true for us. We may not be heading to school, but how do you approach each day? Do you wake up grumpy, snapping at everyone and dreading the tasks before you? Are you happy to be alive and looking forward to all the day may have in store? Do people feel uplifted and encouraged just being around you or are you the dark cloud that threatens to dampen everyone else’s joy? When you choose to live your life intentionally, you choose to change your circumstances and how you respond to them for the better.

A parent who is living life intentionally just doesn’t sit around and hope their child turns out right, that parent purposely chooses to take certain actions to ensure the well-being and proper development of their child. A spouse who is living life intentionally doesn’t get consumed with everything else around them and hope for a thriving marriage. No, that spouse intentionally apportions his or her time to ensure that they are nurturing their marriage.

A worker who is living life intentionally doesn’t just look at a job as a job, they look at it as an opportunity to build and hone the skills required for a fulfilling career and life. They volunteer to serve on committees because they see that as a possible stepping stone to their next goal.

A student living life intentionally, doesn’t just memorize and regurgitate material. That student is constantly thinking about how to apply that new information to expand their knowledge base and capabilities.

Essentially, a person who lives their life intentionally chooses not to just go through life and allow life to happen to them. That person is focused on making the most of life, seeking out the opportunities, squeezing out every ounce of goodness they can find. And because that is their intent and expectation, more good things tend to happen to them. More people want to be around them. More opportunities open up to them. They experience more joy, love and even financial prosperity. Do you want more out of your life? Start living each day with the intention of it being the best day yet of your life. I wish you an abundant life.


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