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Communicate Your Way to a Long Lasting and Happy Marriage

Communication plays a huge role in the quality of ones’ marriage. Research has shown that certain forms of communication are deadly enough to destroy just about any relationship. Dr. John Gottman chronicles these fatal forms of communication in his book, Why Marriages Succeed or Fail … and How You Can Make Yours Last. I highly […]

3 Keys to Maximizing Your Time with your Child

You are up at the crack of done, rushing to get yourself and your child ready and out the door so you can make It to work on time. There is no time to play around or to appease your still groggy child. You drop off your child with a quick hug your mind already […]

The Gall of Kaepernick

There are many things in life that can also be interpreted differently depending on where one lays emphasis and the perspective from which one views things. Take for instance this sentence and its backstory: The Gall of Kaepernick. How did you interpret that sentence? Depending on where you lay the emphasis, I could either be […]

Help! I’m Married and Dying a Slow Death

Help! I’m Married and Dying a Slow Death   Aya Fubara Eneli, M.A., JD   Recently, I polled 83 women about their marriages and although I know the statistics on divorce, I was astonished at results of my poll. A whopping 76 of the 83 women polled indicated that they are unhappy with their marriages. […]

Keeping the Christ in Christmas

Aya Fubara Eneli, MA. JD “Tis the most wonderful time of the year.” Whether you agree with the sentiments of the song or not, there is no denying that December brings with it more than its fair share of parties, nice dresses and suits, decadent food, drinks and lots of bling bling. The airwaves are […]

7 Things to do to Prepare for Marriage

      So many looking for love and yet so little direction on how to go about attracting the love and commitment we want. Here are a few recommendations for those seeking a mate. Read and share. 1.) First, figure out God’s purpose for your life. Your God-given purpose should drive everything that you […]

For Black People Only and those who Love to Sleep with Black Men

For Black People Only and those who Love to Sleep with Black Men:   If you really are tired of black boys/men being shot down by cops and each other, here is a proven method to bring about positive change. 1.) If you don’t want a child or are not prepared to invest the time […]