Get to the Source

Have you ever walked into a beautiful room only to be slapped by an unpleasant odor? Yesterday, I fried some chicken for my children. I can’t remember the last time I fried chicken, but I did so yesterday because I had to make dinner in a hurry for them and I didn’t have enough time to bake the chicken like I normally would.

bad smell

Well, long after dinner was over, the fried chicken smell persisted and it was beginning to really get to me. So, I cleaned up the dishes, took out the trash, plugged in my trusted Scentsy. Hours later, much to my chagrin, that fried chicken smell was still assaulting my nostrils. How was that possible? As I surveyed the kitchen for a possible explanation, I noticed that in my haste to clean up, I had merely moved the pan with the oil used in frying the kitchen to a corner of the counter and forgotten it there. No amount of cleaning or fragrance was going to get rid of what now seemed like a stench. Why? Because while I had done everything but actually address the source of the smell.

As I finally got rid of the putrid oil and washed out the pan, I couldn’t help but reflect on how often I see similar scenarios played out in life. You know, the one where the person gets rid of a bad romantic relationship, but forgets to address that there are things within that caused them to be attracted to that person in the first place, so they just from one bad relationship to another and nothing ever changes.


Perhaps you know someone who repeatedly finds themselves in the same situation. They’ve changed addresses, changed jobs, switched churches, swapped out friends and yet the same issues keep showing up over and over again and they can’t figure out why. Is it time for you to notice the pan with smelling oil hiding in plain view in the corner of your kitchen? Is now a good time for you to courageously address the real source of the things stealing joy, health, wealth, contentment in your life?

It’s easy to sweep things under the rug. It takes courage to feel and understand your pain and to take action. Many choose to put on a brave face and ‘move on”, but any unresolved issues or trauma in your life will always linger and wreck havoc for you. Be courageous. Face and resolve your pain.

Take an honest and comprehensive look at your life. You owe it to yourself.