7 Things to do to Prepare for Marriage




So many looking for love and yet so little direction on how to go about attracting the love and commitment we want. Here are a few recommendations for those seeking a mate. Read and share.

1.) First, figure out God’s purpose for your life. Your God-given purpose should drive everything that you do. When you don’t know your purpose it is so much easier to identify people whose lives and choices compliment yours. 

2.) Learn to like yourself. When you know your value and you love and accept yourself, you are less likely to attract and be attracted to a person who doesn’t love and accept you and themselves.

3.) Get very clear on what you want out of a marriage and why and then identify what characteristics and traits a person must have to be able build that kind of marriage with you.

4.) Evaluate yourself. What characteristics must you cultivate to be able to attract the person you described above? In other words, if you want a kind, caring, intelligent and hardworking person, why would that person choose you? Are you kind, caring, intelligent and hardworking yourself?

5.) Invest the time to become who you must be to attract who you want for yourself. It takes effort to heal and to grow. Take the time to be the best version of you you can be.

6.) Be true to yourself. Be interesting. Get active in your community. Be a servant leader and devote yourself to making positive changes around you.

7.) Stay true to your values and seek God for all dating and marriage decisions. Trust that God has the best intentions for you. Don’t take matters into your hands. Listen to and yield to the voice of God in you. He is speaking. Are you listening? 

Aya Fubara Eneli is the CEO of Aya Eneli International, a best-selling author and a sought after speaker. She, her husband and their five children reside in Central Texas. Follow her on Twitter @ayaeneli, like her at www.facebook.com/ayaeneli or email her at info@ayaeneli.com.