What exactly is The 6 Weeks to Living Your Purpose System™ and what does it include? 

The 6 Weeks to Living Your Purpose System™ is a live group coaching program which begins with you understanding your true value, where your power really comes from, how to uncover who you are at your core, your purpose for being here on earth, and creating a pathway to powerfully transform your life. Here’s what the System gets you to do:

  • Set Your Intentions   We identify where you are and  explore the absolute necessity of taking 100% responsibility for your life and your results and we get CRYSTAL clear about your intentions and the purpose for your life. You will learn how to clarify your life purpose, goals and intentions and identify the biggest goal setting mistakes so you can avert mediocrity and frustration and usher in abundance, peace and fulfillment.
    • Create Unshakable Belief in Yourself  You probably already know what you should be doing, but you still struggle to create the kind of success you crave. You will learn how to overcome feelings of unworthiness, feeling stuck, procrastination, imposter syndrome, self doubt and thoughts that limit you from harnessing your innate power to experience abundance. You will learn proven strategies to create new empowering beliefs, to accelerate your breakthrough.
    • Identify your Passion, Experience, Design and Calling  Learn how to use a fail proof system to identify the keys to figuring our your purpose – your passion, design, experience and calling. Create a life purpose statement to guide you the rest of your life.
    • Seize the Power of Now  You  will learn how to create a massive action plan and organize and chunk our goals to expedite your breakthrough to abundance. Examine how you currently use your time so you can get a clearer picture of how you work and what changes to make to maximize your purpose.. We will examine the driving forces that cause us to overcommit or procrastinate and learn techniques used by some of the most successful people to increase productivity while ensuring adequate down time and a balanced life of self care without guilt.
    • Celebrate  Celebrating your wins is a key component of anchoring success and programming yourself for future success. We will focus our time celebrating your wins and creating the transformative habit of acknowledging and celebrating what shows up in your life. How we choose to see things changes what we see and what we focus on expands, so you will learn to celebrate that which we create so you can skyrocket your success in rapid time.
    • Implement Your Success System for Lasting Results  We will implement systems to ensure your lasting success. These systems will prevent you from stagnating or relapsing to how things used to be. With these techniques, you will never have to experience lack or the frustration that comes from knowing you are not living up to your potential. You will commit to systems to help you experience abundance in every area of your life.