Driven from Within

By Aya Fubara Eneli, Esq.

She fantasized about a simpler life, one not so fraught with anxiety about her bills and her future. He is tired of languishing in obscurity and longs for a promotion, an opportunity to showcase his talents and his skills. They stopped dreaming years ago, bruised and broken by one setback too many, they’ve settled for that life of that says, “maybe this is as good as it gets.” But like the gentle rustling of leaves on an otherwise still night, every now and then, something is stirred up within them and they ask anew, “Do I dare try again?”

I have been thinking about hope and dreams, fortitude and strength, perseverance and success. Why are some able to carve out a slice of heaven on earth while others literally live like hell? What is it that distinguishes the frustrated dreamer from the triumphant winner? The answer lies in the often-overlooked details of tales of such individuals like Dr. Francisco Bucio.

Dr. Bucio is a highly regarded plastic surgeon practicing at two locations and offering a full range of services. He also serves as a volunteer correcting the cleft palates of children and performing reconstructive surgery on young burn victims. Some affectionately call him the surgeon who operates with his feet, here’s why.

More than just about anything else, Francisco Bucio dreamed of being a surgeon. He worked hard, earned good grades and secured a residency in plastic surgery, but all his dreams literately came crashing down on him on September 19, 1985 in an earthquake measuring 8.1 on the Richter Scale which claimed 4,200 lives. In the aftermath of the earthquake, Francisco still buried under the rubble realized that his right hand – the hand with which he performed surgery – was pinned under a massive steel beam. It took four days for a rescue team to finally reach him. Barely conscious, his family made the decision not to cut off his hand to save him, but to wait for a crane that could lift the steel beam off his crushed hand.

The doctors worked hard to save his hand, but eventually had to amputate four of his five fingers. Francisco was devastated, but not hopeless. He sought a miracle and found one in an operation that transplanted two of his toes to replace his missing fingers. The rest was up to Francisco. For months, he toiled at re-learning the most basic of tasks like tying shoelaces and buttoning shirts. He went on to practice suturing with needles on clothes. He trained his left hand too and became ambidextrous. He returned to the residency program where he wrapped wounds performed basic surgical procedures like mole removals. Finally, one day he was given a chance at assisting in rebuilding a nose and he did so successfully.

It had been a long, hard, frustrating and painful road back from his crushing injury, but he was so driven from within to fulfill his passion that no challenge seemed insurmountable to him. Dr. Francisco Bucio knew and lived what all champions know, “We all face obstacles of one kind or another in life. But if you let your deepest passion serve as your fuel, you’ll be able to travel the road back and move on to make your dreams happen.”

How are you feeling about your life, your hopes and dreams? How are you feeling about goals you set last year, but failed to achieve? What desires have you buried? How can you and I learn from the successes of others to ensure our own success? The key lies in our internal drive.

If your goal or dream is based on what others want or expect from you, if you are primarily driven by lack or fear or negative emotions, you will soon find yourself aborting your dreams when faced with obstacles. But, when your dreams are driven from the passion within you, then your passion makes a way for its own fulfillment. Creativity flows, mentors appear, naysayers are silenced, resources manifest, but not without a struggle because every dream requires a price to be paid by the dreamer.

What is driving you today? How can you feed your passion so it can fuel your ability to overcome all challenges to your dream? I believe Dr. Bucio will agree that it starts in the mind. See your dream. Believe your dream. Get around others living your dream. Commit to your dream. Nurture your dream. Fight for your dream. Never give up on your dream. When your mind knows that you are fully committed, your passion will drive you to even higher heights than you imagine. Be driven from within, this is the mark of winners.

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Aya Fubara Eneli is a best-selling author, Christian Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and Attorney.

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